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Treating Lateral Elbow Pain and Trigger Points with Vacuum Cupping

Treating Lateral Elbow Pain and Trigger Points with Vacuum Cupping'

Lateral Elbow Pain, commonly related to trigger points in the forearm and elbow muscles, is increasingly prevalent in our technology-driven lifestyle. These trigger points, a defense mechanism against muscle trauma, become deeply embedded and problematic, causing muscles to shorten and lose efficiency, while increasing pain sensitivity.


  • Gripping pain in the lateral elbow.

  • Enhanced pain sensitivity.

  • Reduced elbow flexibility.

  • Occasional numbness in the affected arm.


  • Repetitive micro-tears near tendon attachments.

  • Angiofibroblastic degeneration, not inflammation.

  • Frequent overuse in sports and daily activities.

  • Poor posture during computer use or smartphone handling.

Trigger Point Therapy:

  • Includes massage, stretching, and kinesio taping.

  • Utilizes dry needling and vacuum cupping.

  • Focuses on releasing muscle tension.

  • Aims at restoring muscle balance and function.

  • Tennis Elbow Specifics:

  • More common than Golfer's Elbow (9:1 ratio).

  • Trigger points in extensor carpi ulnaris.

  • Often results from repetitive arm movements.

  • Presents with tenderness on the outer elbow.

Vacuum Cupping Treatment:

  • Alleviates trigger point pain.

  • Improves blood flow and tendon healing.

  • Enhances muscle relaxation and flexibility.

  • Promotes quicker recovery and pain relief.

If you need assistance in the aforementioned then please feel free to schedule a consultation session with Chris Heunis.

Chris Heunis

Clinical Therapist

Healing Hands Jeffreys Bay & Healing Hands Eastern Cape

Registered Company Name: The Healing Hand Group

Member of CAMS (Complimentary & Alternative Medical Science) Institute Healing Hands Jeffreys Bay

Tel No: 084 767 2913


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