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You are what you eat.

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Healthy Morning

Where to Start

Nutrition is such an important part of our daily lives and becoming more of a trend than ever before.

People are becoming more and more health conscious and follow different types of diets which may include banting, vegan lifestyles and more.

We are not here to tell you what to eat and what not as there are far to many people now a day who does that. 

We all know by now that berries, strawberries and smoothies are good for you, BUT is it good for you specifically? For your body, and your shape?

It is extremely easy to go to FLM (Food Lovers Market) or Woolworths to buy all the healthy stuff, but you don't know if this is what your body can absorb or needs? Will it digest nuts, and are you allergic to gluten or lactose intolerant?

We work in synchronicity with your body and the outcome of the assessment. Most people don't realize this but when as a Bodyworker you not only massage the body. You heal, you touch and work with the vibrations of the body to heal the body holistically.

In other words we listen to your body and work with it to your benefit, so that you can get the optimum results needed from a nutritional perspective.


By using Reiki, and vibrational energy your body tells us where it is unhappy and where it requires attention.

If required we will refer you to a Dietician who can in return work out a meal plan based on the information we have provided you.

For example: we will provide you with the difference in diagnoses between IBS and IBD and how this effects your system based on our reading.

The world has changed and so should we change the way we think about our body and what we put into it. 

We only have one body and have to take care of it in every shape and form.

   "You are what you eat".

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