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Life Coaching has become more apparent in the last few years.

More and more individuals require someone who can guide and coach them through difficult times, as not everyone understands what another person may be going through at that moment in time. More over individuals are diagnosed with CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome), which is a lot more complex than what it may seem.

Since the pandemic individuals were placed in difficult scenarios where they would be isolated from co-workers or people. During hard lock-down last year individuals were forced to work from home, or be at home 24/7. This was good for some but most individuals could not adjust, as all of a sudden your home became your; gym, place of work, place where you sleep, and live 24 hours a day. Some lived in small apartments and had no interaction with others which lead to major depression.

Other individuals could not handle being in the same space with their loved ones for so long and as a result the divorce rate increased significantly during 2020 / 2021.

Most individuals have not faced reality and will soon show signs of depression, mood swings, frustration and in some cases anger or rage outbursts. These are mere signs of utter frustration. The fear of not being able to plan or control things. The fear of job losses and salary cuts.

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