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Chalking Hands


We are all about Fitness, Health, Vitality & Mindfulness

Come and experience everything under one roof, as we offer a range of services to all our clients to ensure they receive the best personalized attention possible.

Our services range from Physiotherapy, Massage Therapy, Sport Injuries & Rehabilitation or informing individuals of what the best possible modality is to suite not only there lifestyle but also their own individual needs.

Whether it be from a Nutritional, Fitness, Holistic Healing or Medative point of view, we are here to find the root cause of any issue and work with the individual to address where possible.

We assist clients / patients by way of Massages, Posture Analyses and so much more. We focus on sport related and other injuries, such as; Spinal Cord related issues, Chronic Ailments (Headaches, Migraines etc.).


* Cluster Migraines

* Headaches

* Chronic Fatigue

* Insomnia

* Restless Leg Syndrome



* Sport Massages

* Trigger Point Therapy

* Indian Head Massage

* Scalp Treatment

*Swedish Massage

* Magnesium Massage

Life Coaching

* Relationship

* Stress

* Fatigue

* Low Libido

* Communication


* Reflexology

* Shiatsu Therapy

* Medical Massage

Cupping Therapy

* Reiki

* Cleansing

Our Commitment & Exclusivity

Our aim is to empower, heal, assist and guide individuals in the right direction from a Holistic and well-being perspective.

Our service level is always professional with service driven results. General well-being takes priority in life as this assists us in dealing and coping with the day to day stress levels life has to offer. All be it mind, body and spirit.

We provide an overall solution to all clients, young and old.

Client retention forms part and partial of our business etiquette and our service levels are formulated to cater for each individuals needs.

Chalking Hands


Our Therapists are accredited members of the CAMS (Complementary and Alternative Medical Science) Institute which is the leading professional body in the world.

The CAMS Institute provides confident, professional treatments, registrations, support, advice and continuous access to quality training and knowledge.


They also provide all registered practitioners with an International Professional Membership Certificate.


Anyone accredited with CAMS has to comply with the Code of Ethics which ensures professionalism at all times.


*In other words you are in safe, capable hands." 

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