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Chalking Hands


Qualified, Accredited, Experienced Services all under one roof.

Sport Massages

Muscle Spasms,

Rotator Cuff,

Frozen Shoulder,

Pulled Hamstring,

Trigger Point Therapy,

Sport Massage Therapy,

Cupping Therapy


We assist clients who lead a active lifestyle to stay mobile during their training.

We assist with Posture Analysis and design a unique manner for each client to function at their optimimum level.

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Chronic Ailments

Cluster Migraines,




Restless Leg Syndrome,


Low Libido,



If you are young or old and suffer from chronic ailments such as the ones mentioned above, then feel free to contact us.


We have a great reputation in dealing with daily ailments, aches and pains, so contact us today. 

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Panic Attacks,






If you are tired, stressed and tense and suffer from any of the above, contact us today.

We all need someone to talk to as we tend to compartmentalize things during the years.

Contact us for more info.

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Massage Therapy Sessions

Medical Massage,

Swedish Massage,

Full Body Massage,

Indian Head Massage,

Foot Massage,

Shiatsu Massage 

Pressure Point Massage

If you would like to unwind and relax, or need some work on tight and stiff muscles, we are here to assist.

If you cannot find what you are looking for let us know, and we will assist you in combining a bespoke treatment to suite your needs.

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Healing Therapy


Crystal Healing,

Guided Meditation,

Chakra Alignment,

Body Balancing,

House / Space Cleansing

Singing Bowl Sound Healing

If you are part of our Spiritual Tribe, you would be interested in some of the services we offer.

We have a peaceful and tranquil setting that will allow you to meditate and connect with spirit or source in another dimension.

* Star-gazing

* Moonlight-Meditations

* Home / Office Cleansing

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Minor Therapy Sessions

Massage Therapy,

Trigger Point Therapy,

Sport Massages,

Sport Injuries

Upper Back Massage

As part of our ongoing support we offer special treatments for the children of today. If they are active and suffer from joint pains, muscles stiffness and other related issues, contacts us for more info.

We offer special discounts to junior members.

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