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Chalking Hands

Online Bookings & Appointments


Bookings can be done via the Booksy App on the following link: 

Download the app and select what you need via the app, as everything is categorized and includes the time frame and the rate per session.


You are more than welcome to contact us via WhatsApp on 084 767 2913 should you not find what you are looking for.

* Please ensure that you book the correct treatment / session for your specific needs at the time. Avoid booking a Sports Massage if you need to unwind and de-stress. Rather book a Swedish Massage.

If you are an active human and take part in Tri-Athlons and need your tendons and muscles to be worked on then do not book a Swedish Massage. Rather opt for Trigger Point Therapy or Sports Massage.

Injuries are rated & priced separately as less time is spent on an injury as is the case with Minors.

**Please note that only one client is allowed per session unless the client is a Minor and has to be accompanied by an Adult.

The Venue is private, tranquil and serene to ensure that you deserve the break you need and the attention you deserve.

We are also available on; 

Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp & Tik - Tok

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Chalking Hands
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Verified Client Reviews

Client  reviews form the basis of any company as that is an indication of not only the service level but also the company culture and the level of professionalism offered.

To date we have 5 star ratings from satisfied clients.

* Verified clients are vetted through the Booksy App and have physically booked appointments and treatments with us. They are based on actual client  visits.

Simply click on the link below to download the App.

Monthly Discount Packages

Students & Children (50 % discount if you produce your Student Card).

Discount on weekly treatments only

Training Modalities

Stretching & Nutritional Packages

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