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Tension Type Headaches (TTH) and Trigger Point Therapy

Tension Type Headaches (TTH), the most common form of chronic headache, manifest as a persistent, pressing pain on both sides of the head. They can evolve into chronic conditions, particularly for individuals who also experience migraines. The duration of TTH varies, ranging from brief episodes to several days.

Symptoms of TTH:

  • Bilateral, pressing head pain with a constant, dull ache.

  • Severity varies from mild to severe, often affecting sleep.

  • Absent of migraine-specific symptoms like photophobia.

  • TTH affects roughly 1.4 billion people worldwide, more frequently in women.

TTH and Trigger Points:

  • Direct link between muscle tension, trigger points, and TTH.

  • Key affected muscles: Trapezius, Sternocleidomastoid, Temporalis, Masseter, Occipitofrontalis.

  • Often related to postural imbalances, especially upper crossed syndrome.

  • Neurological scans show abnormal pain processing patterns.

  • Aggravating Factors:

  • Exacerbated by stress, anxiety, and tiredness.

  • Neck arthritis or disc problems can contribute.

Types of TTH:

  • Episodic: Less frequent, under 15 days a month.

  • Chronic: Occurring 15+ days a month for 6+ months.

Common Causes:

  • Lack of sleep, high stress levels, and incorrect posture.

  • Irregular eating habits and eyestrain; bruxism as a factor.

  • Rooted in postural issues.

Detailed Treatment Approach:

  • Identifying and treating neck and shoulder trigger points is key.

  • Techniques like manual therapy and myofascial release used.

  • Integrating heat therapy and relaxation exercises.

  • Emphasis on posture correction and ergonomic adaptations.

  • Regular sessions can significantly reduce medication dependency.

If you need advice or you suffer and relate from any of the above, then feel free to book a consultation session with Chris Heunis today. He will do an assessment and provide you with the best possible modality that suites your lifestyle.

Both clients & patients are fond of him as he takes time to listen and addresses your concerns no matter what.

For more information download the Booksy app for pricing and availability or if you feel that is to technical advanced, simply send a WhatsApp with your concerns, date of appointment and time most suited to your schedule.

We are open Monday to Sundays, for your convenience.

Bookings do apply as this makes it easier to spend ample time with each of you who suffer from ailments.

Chris Heunis

Clinical Therapist

Healing Hands Jeffreys Bay & Healing Hands Eastern Cape

Registered Company Name: The Healing Hand Group

Member of CAMS (Complimentary & Alternative Medical Science) Institute Healing Hands Jeffreys Bay

Tel No: 084 767 2913


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