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 Ride the Wave of Wellness! Book Your Surfing Massage Today!

Are you a passionate surfer, riding the waves with exhilaration?  

Your body deserves the ultimate care and attention to keep you in peak performance. That’s where our specialized surfing massages come in!

Why Choose Surfing Massages at Cure Daily?

Optimized Performance:

Surfing massages are your secret weapon for maximizing performance. Receive a massage within an hour before hitting the waves, and watch the magic unfold. It stimulates your sympathetic nervous system, invigorates muscles, enhances energy flow, and improves flexibility. Say goodbye to “noodle arms” and hello to peak performance!

Injury Prevention:

Surfing takes a toll on your body—pounding waves, currents, and endless paddling. Our certified massage therapist, Marco, knows the ins and outs of surfers’ needs. He customizes treatments to address chronic tension, muscle aches, and common surfer injuries. Whether it’s whiplash, sciatic nerve pain, or low back discomfort, we’ve got you covered.

Tailored Techniques:

* Custom Cure Massage:

   Adjusted to your specific needs—deep tissue or Swedish—to

   tackle muscle soreness and aches.

* Cupping Massage: Ancient suction therapy that reduces

   inflammation, clears toxins, and loosens tight muscles.

   Perfect for overused muscles and chronic pain.

* Stretch Therapy: Full body stretches to improve flexibility, remove

   lactic acid, and speed up recovery.

* Reflexology: Pressure on ears, hands, and feet to enhance overall

   well-being, reduce pain, and boost energy.

4. Flexible, Pain-Free Form: Our goal is to keep you flexible, pain-free, and injury-resistant.

Surfing massages delay muscle soreness, rid lactic acid, and focus on connective tissues used during your surf sessions.

Book Your Surfing Massage Today!  

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a weekend warrior, our treatments are tailored to your unique needs.

Feel the difference—schedule your session directly through our online portal or give us a call.

Healing Hands Jeffreys Bay

Member of CAMS (Complimentary & Alternative Medical Science) Institute

Tel No: 084 767 2913

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