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  • Chris Heunis

Reaching Out & Connecting

This year started off with a bang and most of us feel like we have not had a break since December last year, which is only a month away.

So much has happened and transpired and things are spiraling for most people out there. Not only do we have the day to day pressure of life, load-shedding, water shortage etc. but we also have emotional loss and stress that we deal with on a daily basis.

This year (month) alone we have seen an incline in self-harm and suicides. This month is the highest so far, as there is financial stress that ads to the majority of our daily livelihood as well.

Please be aware of people's behavioral patterns and make a point of connecting with people if you know that they are going through challenges during a period in time.

Never dismiss, someone if they are down and out!!! Find out what the cause is, and reach out to them. If you yourself are going through something on your own then reach out to a friend or family member or to someone professional.

The following patterns are signs that something is "off", so take the time and look for any of the following behavioral patterns:

  • Anti / non-social behaviour,

  • When someone acts / reacts out of character,

  • Moody,

  • Frustration,

  • Isolation,

  • Quiet and withdrawn,

  • Alcohol abuse or mis-use

  • Drug abuse

We often dismiss people and leave them to remain distant and don't feel like dragging or nagging someone to talk. Do it!

You never know in what head space that person is, when he or she is alone in bed at night.

Regardless of their age, gender or race. We need to start connecting with people again and reach out, as you are not alone neither should they be.

Make the effort to connect with people as regret haunts you till the end of day.

If you know of anyone who needs help, and they don't feel like taking the first step - then you should before it is to late.

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