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  • Chris Heunis

Gut Health

Updated: Sep 19, 2023

Do you suffer with gut health problems?

Is your digestive system not functioning properly. Do you feel bloated, constipated or do you suffer from IBS / IBD?

Not many people realize that first of all there is a difference between IBS and IBD and secondly that your gut is known as your second brain.

Studies have shown that your gut has the ability to decide what it will and will not allow into the body. Often you find yourself supplementing with certain vitamins and nutrients yet it feels as if it is not working properly. The gut has the ability to decide how much of a supplement or vitamin it will pass through, if any.

If this sounds familiar and you have tried any and all avenues without success then schedule an appointment with us as we heal the body holistically.

For more info please feel free to contact us on:

The Healing Hands Group Member of CAMS (Complimentary & Alternative Medical Science) Institute Tel No: 084 767 2913 Email: Bookings: Website:

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