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  • Chris Heunis

CBD Products - Available In-Store

It been a few months since we started supporting the alternative healing market, and I must say the response is tremendous.

There is obviously a need within our market where clients / patients now realise that alternative healing is the way forward. Since legislation was passed on the approval of the cannabis products market awareness is also on the increase.

I would like to urge clients / patients to do a lot of research on the CBD market as this has an impact on your health and you need to be pretty sure that the components within the products meet the required laws if South Africa. More in particular the THC component and the % used within the product. According to legislation THC should be less than 0.0001%.

If the THC % is contains more than 0.0001% the product has not been approved nor vetted according to the South African law. THC is the "high-factor" contained in cannabis, so this means if for example the product you are purchasing contains 2% THC you may exposing yourself to a risk factor. Not only from the governed approved instance but also from a psychological percentage.

This is why I have done excessive research before joining hands with a reputable organisation in South Africa. CannaCo is known not only for their exceptional service but their pride in developing legislated products which are safe and really work to the advantage of clients / patients.

We stock, sell and distribute CannaCo CBD products, and our clients who purchased from me have only praised the product. They are available in 4 (four) different flavors - Aplha Mint, Blueberry, Mango & Litchi.

The products available to our clients range from; CBD Oils (with droppers for ease of use), CBS Body butter, Lip Balms, Vaps, Salve and even products that cater for your furry friends.

The prices vary from as little as R 250.00 to R 899.95 (depending on which mg's you take).

Change your lifestyle along with your diet and you will reap the rewards.

For more info on the product please feel free to contact us on:

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