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  • Chris Heunis

Bikram Massage Therapy

A first in South Africa - Bikram Massage!!!

Bikram Yoga has been ever so popular during the past few years and has a lot of benefits, as it maximizes all the sweat glands to produce dopamine and releases endorphins.

Bikram Massage Therapy works on the same principal as that of the counter part - Bikram Yoga.

We use a specific blend of aromatherapy oils combined in a heated form at a specific temperature to ensure that your body absorbs all the necessary ingredients blended.

We offer a Holistic approach and therefore each blend is specifically mixed to meet the client's specific needs as we are all unique in our own way and require different / specific blended oils to meet our needs.

Come and join in on this unique and brand-new form of therapy and revive your body, mind and spirit.

At The Healing Hands Group (THHG) we always strive to be innovative and offer our clients the best service possible.

All treatments are performed on a Luxury Massage Bed which offers you optimum comfort during each session. We offer Bespoke treatments with Salon approved products.

Our environment is tranquil, calm and soothing to the Soul.

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