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  • Chris Heunis

Additional Service Offerings

We are pleased to inform all our clients that we now offer more exclusive in-house services.

These services include; Fitness, Nutrition, Mindfulness & Couching.

Everything under one roof, done professionally for your convenience and safety.

This year has proven that we can take on more than we ever dreamed of, as a lot of people resigned and started their own businesses. This means that the variety of Entrepreneurs is on the increase and that each and every one of us have to up our level in every shape and form.

We as THHG have made it through this year and believe you me, when I say if you can make it through this year you can survive anything that comes your way.

We now offer everything your heart desires under one roof, from Healing, Meditation, Massages to Coaching, Nutrition and Fitness advice.

THHG will be submerging into a totally different level in 2022 and still focus on client retention, professional service levels and client interaction.

We have started with a brand new game plan which will expand our horizons on all levels.

There is so much more to come, so please subscribe and join us on our journey as we launch into the new season of business in the health industry.

Everything is connected, and intertwined.

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